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Side B [Nintendo Switch] : 16/06/2021

//Press / Screenshots

What you could expect in #SideB?

Explore rich story, meet interesting characters

See how life was in 90's in pixelated world

Learn about nostalgia in modern way

It's kind of magic!

We creating point and click adventure. Use your mouse to find hidden objects. Use them wisely to solve puzzles and discover new adventures. Discover unique story behind characters and places.

If I could turn back time

We believe that games makes you feel a bit nostalgic. We're focused on retro style, but we added our extra modern touch.

Back to 1998 SIDE B continues the story from the first part. It's a game about time travel, the main character Johnny goes back to 1998 as young teenager. He is trying to solve mystery how to go back in to the present times.

But why 1998?

It's perfect year to catch 90's mindset. Cool, careless and bold. It was year of change. Google has just started, Microsoft made Windows 98. We all ran back to our homes to see new episode in TV.

We share our point of view about past and how affects our relationships now and then.

Crunch free zone

We are a small team, but we are independent of making games process.


Back to 1998 series

We would like to tell our story though playable episodes. The game called Back to 1998 is the first episode, now we are working on next part, which is called Back to 1998 SIDE B.

Probably is a good idea to play first episode, because story begins there. The game was released on April 15th 2019 on Steam. The game is available in Polish, English and Chinese.

Episode 01

Back to 1998


Episode 02

Side B

( 2021)

//Work in Progress/ Artwork

Game development progress ██████████ 100%


//Mockup/ Gemstone book


//Mockup/ Nest


Pixelart style

We love pixels. Definitely you won't miss any pixel in our game.


We are strongly inspired by the 90s and 80s, including the polish landscape that period.

Point & click

Our games are a point & click puzzling game.

Read more about Bold Pixel and our Team in About us section